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Saturday, August 19th @ 7pm!

"When you know, VENMO!" 

                                                                  Scholarship fund!

Got a song you’ve always wanted to belt out? A scene you’ve been dying to wow the masses with? A sweet Mono for the ages that lets you spread your wings and flap your way to glory?


We got you.


Reel Kids/Organic Theatre is presenting a showcase right after our year kickoff concert for Boulder Music. This is a chance for you, our beloved alumni, parents and/or current members, to strut your stuff, shake your groove thing, and get funky with it; an opportunity to show us your best stuff, expand your horizons, and leap.


All material must be cleared with us, mostly for time. So if you have that song from Six, or a scene from August Osage County, a monologue you wrote, or that tap dance routine you’ve been waiting  for the right moment to do…




Grab a slot, a space, a moment in time, and join us.


All we can offer is blood, sweat, tears, and a fabulous night of music, dance, comedy, and drama.


And prizes. That’s right. Cold hard cash.


And the knowledge that you will also be helping us add to our Scholarship Fund.


So: A chance to do that dream number/scene/monologue/whatever. A chance for some sweet, sweet prize money. And also a chance to help folks take classes or do shows. 


What’s not to love? 


So sign up, brush up, and join us!

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