Reel Kids

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Who We Are

"Creating well-rounded collaborative artists"

What started off as a small-town film company has now become one of the most recognized performing arts organizations in the Boulder area and beyond. Since opening its doors in 2012, Reel Kids has managed to captivate the hearts of audiences nationwide with their state-of-the-art Film Classes and Interactive Theater. 


 "We're not just about acting classes—it's life skills. It's about learning how to be present and aware. We focus on being supportive and learning how to work with one another. Making each other better. Listening and answering. Cause and effect. It's about moving people, and maybe above all else, it's about having fun!"
~Kari Kraakevik, Owner/Founder, Reel Kids


IN this together

After meeting with our faculty, Reel Kids/Organic Theater has decided to implement the following safety protocols to create  a safe environment of IN person classes this  WHOLE semester. We will be loosely following BVSD guidelines implementing as many "mask breaks," as possible. Please note: this is subject to change quarterly.

~Kari Kraakevik, OWNER

Name, Title


  • Rehearsals will be masked, with as much outside unmasked" rehearsal time as possible. ie. practicing singing outside, open air Choreography rehearsals etc. 

  • Shows will bu unmasked for performers with proof of vaccination OR negative covid test prior to tech week.

  • Medical: Appropriate documentation, 504 plan or doctors note will be accepted if emailed one week prior to class starting date. 



  •  Troupe will be masked unless on camera, outside, or seated in your socially distance editing desk. We are lucky to have a large enough facility to allow for this!


  • Classes will be masked regardless of vaccination status, unless documentation of a medical 504 plan with BVSD or subsequent doctors note