VIRTUAL Education 

Mondays 5:30-7pm

This FULLY VIRTUAL course teaches the basics of film analysis, genre, and narrative structure and gives an introduction to the history of the art of film.  Students will increase their understanding of the meaning of film, as well as explore theory and criticism.  This course includes weekly readings, screenings, and short assignment


VIA ZOOM: Basics of Film editing:

Tuesdays 4-5:15

This class will focus on the basics of movie editing. Students will learn about the history of film editing, modern editing and various techniques. They we will be focusing on modern, digital editing where students will be using tools from a variety of different editing software. They will become familiar with the basics of film editing.

VIA ZOOM: Editing 2:

Thursdays 5:30-6:45p

Ready to take your editing to the next level? Learn to turn any footage into a beautiful creation through the magic of editing. We’ll learn new techniques, seek inspiration from the greatest editing sequences, and focus on the skills you’re most interested in! See your imagination come to life in professional level program, Adobe Suite. requires: Adobe Premiere Pro and Download kahoot on your phones.

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